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South Florida has been home to many big shot companies and that is why it has its fair share of CEOs. It’s sort of like a perfect central location for a business that is why many big shot companies have based their operations there. So how do these CEOs living in South Florida fare in comparison to other companies from around the company? In all fairness, Florida has been home to some very big names and has seen its fair share of business go through in the past few years. Although most of these companies have seen a lot of profits in their annual reports, they have rarely given annually increased to the people in charge. Do you want to know why? Because many CEO’s who are operating with companies in South Florida are already earning a lot more in comparison to other people who represent other companies from around the country. A report prepares by Miami Herald revealed this very clearly that the upper management and more specifically CEO’s based in South Florida are earning a lot more than the other CEO’s And since their salaries have been so high, they’ve also been receiving many more benefits. But all of that has started to change in recent times. Previously, the CEO’s were not judged by the annual performance of their companies. However, now CEO’s are being given compensation based on their company’s performance. If they have been performing well in the market, they are bound to receive compensation for it, otherwise, not. But that doesn’t paint the full picture. Some CEO’s have continued to earn while some have hardly seen a raise in their annual incomes mainly due to the fact that policies are different from company to company. Many CEO’s in South Florida have been receiving great pay scales while some have received hardly an equivalent of what the company’s books are reflecting. It’s a varying situation. But if you had to paint an entire picture for CEO’s of South Florida, you’ll see that the CEO’s based in this region are definitely earning more and making more money. And no it’s not because of the fact that they’re based in Miami. It’s just happening because of the booming economy in their area. Companies who have their operations here are successful because there is an aptitude for businesses to grow here and it also reflects greatly on CEO’s who are based in South Florida. A survey was conducted about 2 years ago on the South Florida region, trying to understand the growing nature of businesses in this region and how it reflected on the pay of the company CEO’s based here. And the results did reveal that although CEO’s pay increases are varying but it did reveal that the upper management does get paid a lot more than all the other CEO’s of the country who are based in other regions. It’s a wonderful place to be and for those who have worked hard and managed to make it to the top. OH definitely.