If you work from home or run a home-based business, you’ll probably want to eventually set up your own office. Having a dedicated room for your business can help you create a productive environment.

Things you might consider buying for your workspace.

A Standing Office Desk

Standing desks have become popular recently because they can help to increase your productivity. Some people also find a folding portable standing desk useful if they have to move around their office while working.

You want to look for the best standing office desk available. But so that you have options, look for one that is adjustable. That way you can sit down if needed.

An Ergonomic Chair

When you sit down you want to use an ergonomic chair. This chair is designed to be easier on your back. If you plan on spending a number of hours each week seated at your desk, this is your best option.

Your office chair should have wheels so that you can move it around as needed. The chair you choose should have a height adjustment lever so that you can raise or lower the chair to the proper height for you.

A Large Computer Monitor

Whether you use a laptop or a desktop, you should buy a large computer monitor. The screen on most laptops is too small for long-term use. A large monitor will allow you the space to have various documents or programs up on the same screen.

You want the monitor to be large enough that you can clearly see the items on the screen, however, you don’t need the largest size available. If you need extra screen space, consider getting an additional monitor.

A File Bin or Cabinet

While many people would love to have a paperless office, that’s not a reality for most. While you don’t need to have a large file cabinet, you should at least have a small file bin or crate to hold physical papers until you can work on them.

A file would be more effective than an inbox for incoming files since you can divide the papers into files based on their status or category. If you use multi=colored file folders or labels you can quickly identify the contents of a file which will help you be productive.

A Bookcase or Shelf

Your office needs to have a place to store books, magazines, journals or other items that you don’t want on your desk. Cubicle style bookcases are effective since many have inserts that you can use to store blank paper, empty file folders, and other office supplies.


The bookcase or shelf you use should be sturdy enough to hold your office supplies but not so large that it takes up valuable floor space. You don’t want to have a lot of empty shelf space because you’ll be tempted to fill it.

These items are just the basics for building a productive home workspace. The items you choose will ultimately be determined by the type of work you do or the business you own.