If you take a look at any CEO’s life from a distance, you’ll feel jealous just by looking at all the perks they have. However, did they get all of those perks in a gift or they worked hard to get there? I think the latter. We have seen many examples of successful CEO’s who’re enjoying life to the fullest but they got there after putting the effort in. All of it just didn’t happen overnight. It is their lifetime of work and only then they get to enjoy those perks.

But before you hop on the parade and start working day in and day out to get to this point. You need to understand that labor work is not going to get you either. You have to think smart, think wisely and make intelligent choices only then you will be able to succeed at life and hopefully be a CEO at the company you work for or be your own CEO of a successful company, the point being a successful company.

But okay? You understand now that being a CEO requires a lot of work. However, now you’re there. Does your work stop there? Well no it didn’t. As these CEO’s have worked hard to get there, they have spent a career spanning many years building and investing in relationships. And now they spend most of their time maintaining these relationships and building new ones.
Oh wait, does that paint a completely opposite picture of what you had hoped? Well, don’t lose hope, we’ll get to that as well. But actually being a CEO does mean a lot more than just being the boss. It means that you have to work even harder.

A company is as successful as their CEO is. So if you thought CEO’s get to have parties all the time and relax. Sure, they do (sometimes) But priorities are an important part of such people who have to focus on the health of their business.

Sure, the perks are there, they can have whatever they want. They can choose their own work timings and most importantly they can choose their own day’s off. Yes, being a CEO does allow you to do that. But in the end, it all comes down to priorities and if you’re getting that right, enjoying as you go along, you’re living the CEO life.