Most people look for the best way to have mail delivered to an address, but there may be cases where they’ll need to stop the delivery of mail. Businesses close, people move, and the people who received mail at these old addresses will need to make sure that mail stops being sent there. The process of stopping mail delivery isn’t something that will happen instantly at the snap of a finger, especially if a forwarding address isn’t available. Here is some necessary information that will come in handy for stopping mail delivery to an address.


Information For Stopping Mail Delivery To An Address

Mail service for a particular location can remain after it has been closed. The death of a business owner can leave business matters in the hands of an executor. Until the executor can either make moves to give the business to its new owner or to close it entirely, mail will continue to be delivered. During business closings, transactions and tax returns for operations may still be happening. These things prevent the mail delivery from being instantly stopped, so proper steps must be taken.

Businesses that will be relocated will have to send a report to the USPS notifying them of a change of address. This can be done at a local branch of the post office or online via USPS’s own website. Some third party companies may offer to change addresses for people, but this isn’t necessary, and can sometimes lead to scams. Once this is done, all mail will go from being sent to the old address or P.O. box to the new one over the course of a year, which is more than enough time to send notifications to agencies about the relocation. The address change stays on file during a four year time period at the database for National Change of Address.

Mail At Post Office Box And Street Address

Some businesses get mail at two locations, such as a post office box and a street address. A more efficient option would be to have all mail sent to one address. This is where a premium forwarding service for commercial addresses will come into play. The service essentially allows all mail to be collected by the post office and then it is combined into one package. The package is then sent to whatever dress is specified by the business.

For singular pieces of mail that need to be stopped, such as customer’s package or a business letter, the Intercept service offered by the USPS is the best option. Before using the service, registration must be done, and a fee is charged for the service. Once this is taken care of, the post office will handle the rest by stopping the delivery and sending the piece of mail back to the sender. This can be quite handy in events where mail is accidentally sent to the wrong address.

Whatever the reason that an individual or company would want to keep mail from going to a particular address, it can be done. Just by following the proper protocols and having a little patience, mail delivery will be stopped. For more information visit