Many postal services are handled by the USPS (United States Parcel Service). Unlike other types of services in the country, the postal mail is handled by a federal government agency.

Post offices generally have long lines no matter what time of day or day of week you go. At some of these post offices, you simply wait in line until it is your turn to be assisted, and other post offices require customers to get a number and wait for the number to be called before receiving help from postal employees.

There are several services that post offices offer like updating your us address and that can assist you with your postal needs as well. Even with competition from online and offline competitors, the post office has been a mainstay in the country for decades, and continues to serve customers with pride.


If you need one stamp or a book, you can purchase them at the post office. Although retailers like grocery stores and even airports also sell stamps, most people prefer to purchase their stamps from the post office.


In addition, you will be able to purchase additional supplies that you may need like:

Greeting cards

The post office has separate vending machines for purchasing stamps. This avoids having to stand in long lines. However, stamps can still be purchased at the counter from an employee.

Customers also enjoy the holiday and the limited edition stamps that the post office occasionally releases during the year.

Mail Services

You can send and receive mail through the post office. However, this service is not offered on holidays or on Sundays. As long as you have a federally approved mailbox for your home, apartment, condo or business, you can send and receive postal mail.

Mail Services

This includes letters, parcels and packages. You can also go to the post office to send and receive these packages. If you are planning to go out of town, you can ask the post office to hold your mail for a period of time.

Another mail service that is offered is mail forwarding. If you are planning to or have already moved, you will need to complete a change of address form. This form will forward your mail to your new address. This service is free if you filled the form out in person, but you will need to undergo a verification process if the form is filled out online.

These are two of the many postal services available for customers. These services are quick, easy and secure.