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How many times can you get a new social security card? The simple answer is 10 times. Now that seems like a lot, doesn't it? It is quite a few times to apply for a social security card, even if you are talking about a lifetime. There are people who have lost their cards several times. These cards also can easily get destroyed if not cared for properly because they are made of paper. That being said, most people start thinking twice about how they care for their cards when they have to replace them more than once.

What Happens If Security Card Gets Damaged?

Social security cards do get damaged, and they do get lost on occasion. If you have lost your social security card more than once, you may have been wondering how many times you can get it replaced. Now you know the answer. There are quite a few people who have that question. There are also people that are concerned about getting to that limit of 10 cards. You do need a social security card throughout your life, and there are people who ask what happens when you lose the 10th card?

That's a good question, but the fact of the matter is the SSA sets that limit so that there is a limit, albeit a really high limit. In other words, they don't aniticipate people reaching that limit, but they need people to understand that they can't always go around getting a new card all the time. It would raise a red flag if people were having to get their social security cards replaced that often, even if they are made of paper. They need to be kept somewhere safe and only used when necessary.

Know About Social Security System

In this digital age, the whole social security card system could be changed soon anyway. You might not need to present your card as often, although the thought of that is a little unnerving to this Christian man. Regardless, the paper cards are less used anyway these days, so you should be able to keep yours safe. When you do need a replacement card, it's easy enough to get one. As a matter of fact, you're able to apply for a replacement card online without even having to go to the office.

You can't be changing your name or number if you get a replacement card online though. Those types of requests do in fact have to be handled at the office. You might be getting a replacement card right now, and if so, take good care of the card. That way you won't have to worry about the limit of 10 cards per person. You will just have this one kept in a safe place for the rest of your life.

You do need a social security card for important business matters, so just think about that when using your card. You want it to stay in good condition, and you don't want to have to concern yourself with the limit of 10 replacement cards. It makes you wonder if there has ever been anyone that has had to worry about that. Visit professionals to get more info.