Thinking of going to Miami

That’s adorable. Two years, I give you.
“I enjoy sunshine! I love palm trees! I UNDERSTAND Miami is the place for me personally!”
Believe oh freezing cold northerner. You will find reasons the common American doesn’t remain here more than a few years, and it’s not since they despise in December.

1. Jobs are rare – Folks are constantly striving to go here. Companies ones that don’t include sushi – or bottle service aren’t.
3. Nothing runs on time – This becomes clear – and must hold back a half plus one hour until everyone else shows up.
4. It’s frustratingly passing – Living in Miami for a length period of time is kind of like being the last man living in the retirement home.
5. You won’t have the ability to make small talk.
6. When you graduated High School everyone dwells at home – Getting the third degree out of your date’s dad didn’t finish!

7. Individuals flake – Whenever plans are made by a Miamian make backup plans. And when those initial strategies come through, flake in your back-up.
8. We air condition the caring soul out of everything – Coats have that day in February: Movie theaters and two uses here.
9. So much fun. That’s all. Miami is full of the best looking guy and girl in the country.
10. Never believe anyone who says “ Because he can’t I can enable you to get in” at a huge nightclub –.
11. It’s not varied – Miami is two thirds Hispanic. A bulk amount with those bastions of Salt Lake City and diversity Tulsa.
12.Nobody goes quickly – this really won’t disturb you In The Event you love listening to the woman in very front of the checkout line discuss her whole family together with the cashier.
13. Wages do decent flat costs a grand. n’t come close to cost of living – Companies appear to believe $30,000 a year is absolutely sensible when a They need to figure everyone is residing at home.
14. Offices are The sole means your workplace’s music that is loud, noisy phone conversations, and Spanglish shouting across cubicles will look ordinary if your previous workplace was a dog kennel is.
15. You Won’t ever wear heels on a date, if you’re a girl over 5’7”.

17.You’ll never need to leave – But you’ll anyhow. That the way that it goes.
18. A lot. After all, so much they’re constructing out a Goddam ark .
19.Each single time you want to And you won’t visit the shore following your first year –, it’s going to rain.
20. Yummy food. That’s all
21. The thing that is Spanish is no joke – How many 20,000 square foot shops can you name in your ? hometown with all their signals in Spanish Because I will name plus one.
22. Miamians are stupid. Extremely slow. – A buddy who’s lived here his entire life lately told me “You’re the only man I know who reads publications.”
23. Most of those cars are rent – Miami is an excellent testament to
24.Lying is absolutely good – If folks here told the truth, you can’t get you in club, rents a BWM, and ’d never understand everyone resides at home.

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